The Central Kingdoms Chronicles Book 3 A Quest Before Dying

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The minions of the necromancer Kurse have overrun the former Central Kingdoms, reducing a once thriving civilization to a massive necropolis. The only thing keeping the rest of the world safe is the magical wall known as the Great Barrier Flame, and it’s failing. In a last ditch effort to forestall the inevitable, man and elven kind have banded together to form an army. They will soon learn just how hard it is to kill the dead.

The Central Kingdoms Chronicles: Book Three

A Quest Before Dying

Time is running out for the wizard Artimus. He blames himself for the rise of Kurse and has dedicated his life to correcting his mistake.

In order to finally defeat Kurse, Artimus recruits the legendary swordsman Ico and his companions, the archer Corrin and her lover, Jon. Artimus’ plan is to sneak attack Kurse’s domain indirectly. Their quest will take them across the planes of the multiverse where they’ll find many surprises (including a few familiar faces). With Kurse growing more powerful each day, it’s a race against time with the fate of the future hanging in the balance . . . .

  “This was a lot of fun. The first two books moved at a steady pace but the final act moved at light speed.” Keith A.