The Central Kingdoms Chronicles Book 4 Specter Of The Lich

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Thirty years have passed since Apocalypse Night, and Sewert has grown into its role as the preeminent city-nation of the Central Kingdoms thanks in large part to the leadership of its mayor, Ico Nardeth. However, disturbing new signs point to a looming threat to the great metropolis. Someone looks to be following in the footsteps of the necromancer Kurse.

The Central Kingdoms Chronicles: Book Four

Specter of the Lich

Ico’s summons comes at an inopportune time for Artimus, but the aging Royal Wizard of Ranaloy has never been one to turn his back on a friend in need. Besides, he knows this new adventure to defend the Central Kingdoms from an all-too-familiar threat will be a walk in the park for the reunited Heroes of Apocalypse Night. Artimus will soon discover how wrong he is, and it just may be his own son, Kurgan, who will pay for that mistake . . . .

  “Wow, unexpected and satisfying ending to what is one of the most enjoyable fantasy stories I have ever read. I highly recommend any fan of the fantasy genre to pick up this novel (and series if you haven't already). Worth the read!” Amazon Customer

  “An apparent necromancer picks up where the series' original villain left off in this satisfying conclusion to the Central Kingdom Chronicles books.” Brian C.