The Central Kingdoms Chronicles Book 1 The Wizards Of Ranaloy

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Forty years ago, the twelve nations united by the Central Kingdoms Covenant narrowly defeated the invading Dragoneers and won the Trifold War. But while they were repelling enemies from beyond their borders, the seeds of a far more sinister threat were being sown within. Now Thorgils Falloe of Ranaloy is determined to recover the throne he lost in the war, even if that means destroying the entire Central Kingdoms.

The Central Kingdoms Chronicles: Book One

The Wizards of Ranaloy

Caught up in Thorgils’ plot, apprentice wizard Artimus’ only hope of saving the Central Kingdoms lay in reaching his distant master, the great wizard Trafar. Joining Artimus in his quest are Talas, a monk on a quest of his own, Silas, a mercenary with a secret talent for telepathy, the elven brothers Tremene and Murad, a prince, a golem, and the self-proclaimed World’s Greatest Gladiator, Thrasybalus. Unfortunately for them, finding Trafar is only the beginning of the story . . . .

  “Great characters on an adventure to find the king, in a treacherous universe filled with the author's wit and wisdom.” Christopher F.

  “The Wizards of Ranaloy is not just the start of an epic adventure across kingdoms; it’s a journey of strangers that become friends in spite of themselves, and characters on a path of self-discovery that uncovers strengths, secrets and lies.” Robin H.