The Central Kingdoms Chronicles Book 2 Prince Thorgils War

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Thorgils Falloe of Ranaloy has invaded his neighbors and ignited a civil war. As the Central Kingdoms Council mires in legislative gridlock, the nations it represents begin to fall one-by-one to Thorgils' war machine. Yet Thorgils is not the worst threat facing the Central Kingdoms. Behind the scenes, the necromancer Kurse is making other plans.

The Central Kingdoms Chronicles: Book Two

Prince Thorgils’ War

Artimus is eager to go to war against the treacherous Thorgils. Like all young men, he expects to find glory and fame on the battlefield. He is about to learn otherwise.

Fortunately for the young wizard, he won’t be going to war alone. The noble monk Talas, the mercenary Silas, and the invincible gladiator Thrasybalus will fight by his side. Together with Tremene, Whisper, and the loyal soldier Borenson, they are more than a match for any regular army. However, what they don’t know is that somewhere Kurse is raising an army of his own, an army of the dead . . . .

  “Stephens' has crafted a worthy successor to The Wizards of Ranaloy, delivering more action and a cliffhanger that will leave readers begging for more.” Brian C.